Vogel Law provides a fast, affordable and professional real estate experience. We coordinate with you on scheduling the closing and meeting other deadlines for a stress-free closing.

Through Attorney's Title Insurance Fund, we provide title insurance for purchases involving all cash and bank financing; refinancing of the mortgage, lease or equity loan; Small Business Administration financing; deed in lieu transactions and short sales. Our title services include initial title searches, title commitments and owners and encumbrance reports; updates and continuations, the final owners and mortgagee title policy, document preparation and recording and closing services.

The title services include an examination of documents recorded in the public records, such as mortgages, deeds, plats, declarations of condominiums and other documents which affect the property, records of the county property appraiser and tax collector, and county and city municipal services providers. We determine what actions need to be taken to ensure that the buyer, at closing, receives marketable title.

Title insurance protects the owner and the lender by providing insurance coverage against hidden defects in the title, errors in the public records, unrecorded liens and encumbrances and other risks that may affect the title to the property. An owner’s title policy protects the owner’s interest in the property up to the amount of the purchase price, while the lender’s title policy insures the lenders interest in the property up to the amount of the loan. A lender’s title policy does not insure the owner, or vice versa. The premium for the title policy is a one-time charge and is paid at closing. The premiums paid for the title policy, both owners and lenders are the promulgated rates set by the State of Florida.

We prepare all documents required to transfer the ownership of the property from the seller to the buyer including the purchase and sale agreement, the deed, bill of sale, affidavits and crossing statements. We will close the purchase of your real estate at our office or at a place of your convenience.

When retained by lender clients, we analyze the terms under which the lender is willing to make the loan, prepare a checklist for the borrower of the items to the produced, and, in coordination with the lender, analyze the items produced. We prepare all loan documentation, including notes, mortgages, assignments, affidavits and other documents necessary to comply with the lender’s requirements and federal regulations.

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